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            Jiangyin Youlite Houseware Co., Ltd (formerly known as Jiangyin Youlite Metal Products Co., Ltd) is a manufacturing entity enterprise. The trademark of “YOULITE” was awarded the “Jiangsu Famous Trademark” which means “YOULITE” had become one of the famous brands in Jiangsu Province. Our main products include all series of indoor-outdoor clothes hangers, such as bathroom storage racks, washing machine shelves, storage wardrobes, microwave oven shelves, cutlery and crockery shelves, single-pole and double-pole clothes hangers, X-type hangers, multi-layer drying clothes racks, foldable wing multi-purpose racks, and multi-pole clothes hangers and so on.

            • Single hanger
            • Double hanger
            • Folding hanger
            • Telescopic hanger
            • Kitchen and bath
            • Towel rack
            • Coat rack